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About our Native American Association

The National Alliance of Native Americans Longhouse, Inc is a 501(C)(3) not for profit organization established in 1987. 

The organization seeks to promote the interest and welfare of the American Indian; to educate and enlighten the American public as to Native American/ Taino culture and problems; to promote closer relationships between the American Indian and the general public; to aid the American Indian in rehabilitation of himself or herself either by direct assistance or through Native American organizations; to promote interest in and further the study of American Indian culture; to attract support directly or indirectly to foster the purposes intended. 

We primarily work within the communities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, but we want to be a Native American association that can provide information for those all over the United States.

N.A.N.A. Board Members
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Keisha St. Joan
Vanessa Pastrona
Eve Young
Carmelita Reid
If you would like more information regarding our organization you can write or call us at:

N.A.N.A. (National Alliance of Native Americans) 
P.O. Box 150353
Kew Gardens, New York 11415
Recording Secy
Artistic Director
Musical Director
Sgt.At Arms

Leila O'Neal
Joseph Leon
William Fowler
Jake Shankle
Osceola Townsend
Anita Walker
Vice President
Spiritual Advisor
Financial Secy
The National Alliance of Native Americans has lost one of it's beloved brothers recently, Mr Joseph Leon a proud member of N.A.N.A and one of the original drummers of the four winds native american drumming group. May the great spirit look upon him always.

​Chairman and Chief, Osceola Townsend of the matinecock tribal nation of Long Island NY
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