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Native American Organization Offering Cultural & Educational Programs in NYC

Welcome to The National Alliance of Native Americans. As a Native American organization, we will share with you the culture of the Native American. You will learn about our ancestors and history, including our language, religion, music, and more. We are also here to support our American Indian community. Helping the people connect with various assistance programs and Native American associations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote social, economic and cultural well-being for Native American people, to serve native and non native communities in NYC by enhancing historical, cultural, and social awareness through economic, educational, and arts programs.

Methods of Outreach

  • ​Education, Musical, Cultural Programs in NYC
  • Native American/Taino Outreach
  • Newsletter

​Native American Culture

Many indigenous people make up the vast array of Native American cultures and religions. One of these cultues is the Taino Indian. Not many Americans know of the Taino people. The Taino people originated from South America, the Caribbean Islands, (including Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti. Domican Republic) and Florida. The Taino people were spiritual people as evidenced in their daily lives.The Taino Indian population declined in the 15th century but still exists today. The National Alliance of Native Americans will help teach people about this group of Native indigenous people, as well as other Native people and cultues.

  • Lecture Series/ Language Circles (a language circle is where people can come and converse with others in a specific foreign language to help improve your language skills)
  • New York Veterans Hospital Program
  • Doo Wop / Jazz Programs